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Phrases that can make you appear not smart 

I must be your only client, aren’t I?  Wrong
I must be your only client, am I notCorrect

You won't say "I are your only client."  Hence (aren't I) is wrong.


​Saying “First of all” is perfectly okay.  But saying “Second of all” to make your next point is wrong.  Secondly, is the word to use.  You have a few points to make; you’ve already used one (First of all) so it can’t be second of all, since one point is already stated,  Hence, secondly, thirdly etc.

​           Grave Grammatical errors

The family are well known for doing good business. Wrong
The family is well known for doing good business. Correct

 The staff are well trained.  Wrong
The staff is well trained.  Correct
(The employees are well trained.) Correct

The verb agrees with its subject in number and person. 

Family, is singular number.  Families is plural.   


Know when to use possessive case

If your coming to the party bring food. Wrong
If you’re coming to the party bring food. Correct


​Know when to useThere; Their; They're

There specifies a place.  It is an adverb.

Their is a pronoun (possessive case) denoting possession.

(This is their business.) 

They're is short for they are.  Use it only where you can

say they are.

SPELLING:  The saying 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' must

be ignored; unless you're an eight-year-old heir, planning a

heist to seize a surveillance sleigh, owned by a sheik at a

reindeer farm. 


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