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The pen is mightier than the sword but the pen must be sharp.

                                   ABOUT US

Help with English is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

We have no offices outside Canada.

Our  principal  is a retired member of  The Law Society of Upper Canada, with many years of experience in dispute resolution and court appearances. So although we are not providing legal advice, you get the benefit of all this legal know-how, infused into whatever we write for you, at no additional cost.  


In essence, a properly worded document can avoid you having to deal with lawyers down the road. 



     Te ayudamos a escribir mejor.  Nous vous aidons à mieux écrire.  We help you write better我们帮助您写得更好。Ti aiutiamo a scrivere meglio.

Aide avec l'anglais - Helfen Sie mit Englisch - 帮助英语 -  Aiuto con l'inglese

Ajuda com o inglês - مساعدة في اللغة الإنجليزية - 英語で助けて

​                  ​​IT'S EASY AND AFFORDABLE 

 If you know a little English, we can help you write better English.

 We can correct letters and other documents you have written, for  proper Grammar and spelling. or we can write them for you. 

 Write what you want to say and send it to us,  We will correct it; ensure  it is in easy to read paragraphs and well punctuated. The document  will be returned to you, and on a separate page we will explain the  corrections made as well as the rules of Grammar.

     Help with English